Friday, November 20, 2009

Baloch Struggle Till Freedom

We have to remind ourselves of this at every moment: that we are in a war, a guerrilla war as they call it; a war where there is no front line, no continuous bombardment, but where the two adversaries this tiny champion of the mountains and the immense imperialist hyena - are face to face and aware that one of them is going to end up dead in the fight.

The people of Balochistan are well aware of the fact that our fight is a difficult one but our victory will be a tangible demonstration before all that people are capable of rising up, that they can rise up by themselves right under the very fangs of the monster for their freedom and rights. The torture and murder of innocent baloch people is a prime example of what the establishment is capable of when the struggle against it is carried on in a firm and sustained way. Punjabi Imperialist powers must be struck on the snout once, and again, and then again, in an infinite succession of blows and counter-blows. That is the only way the baloch people can win their real independence. Never a step backward, never a moment of weakness! And every time circumstances might tempt us to think that the situation might be better if we were not fighting against the empire, let each one of us think of the long chain of tortures and deaths through which our brother and sisters have had to pass. Let all of us think of the murder of women and children, the torture of the innocent, electrocutions, bombardment of villages, dumping the innocent alive through helicopters.

We must remember this and insist again and again upon this fact: The victory of the Baloch people will never come solely through outside aid, however adequate and generous, however great and strong the solidarity of all the peoples of the world with us may be. Baloch's victory lies not in Russian rockets, nor in the Americans gun power. Baloch's victory lies in the unity, the dedication to fight, and the spirit of sacrifice of its people.

Expert Analyst on Balochistan

It has been a while since I last wrote my thoughts on the situation in Balochistan due to extensive travelling. But more on the adventures of travelling will come in my later posts. For the last few weeks I have been watching and reading political analysts presenting their theories on the insurgency in Balochistan. I was not shocked to see some of these “Political Experts on Balochistan” (who have never even lived in Balochistan and by living in Balochistan I mean more than just staying in the three star Serena hotel and meeting up with few famous establishment backed Feudal Lords) presenting their outrageous theories on the situation in Balochistan without even taking in to consideration the ground realities of the insurgency or more precisely the main reasons for the uprising.

One of the famous notions adopted by analysts in Islamabad is that “the insurgency is sponsored by Sardars and Nawabs and they are fighting for the survival of the Sardare System which is not supported by the masses of Balochistan hence the mass scale deployment of Army is justified”

It’s not appalling to hear or read such statements as it has become norms of the media propaganda machine. Islamabad has coined the fight for freedom and equal rights in Balochistan as insurgency which needs to be crushed at all costs. They have also hired these expert analysts whose jobs are to hide the real truth and keep the people of Pakistan in dark just like they did in Bangladesh. The insurgency is not being sponsored by any Nawabs or Sardars for the survival of the Sardare system neither are the ordinary young Baloch men who are heading the revolution and giving their lives for the motherland fools enough to fight for any Nawab or Sardars. The so called insurgents include lawyers’, engineers, doctors, teachers, lecturers who see no future for Balochistan and its people other than more exploitation, getting raped of its resources and living a life in poverty and slavery of Islamabad.