Friday, April 19, 2013

Elections, Death Squads and Balochistan

It does not come as a shock to most in Balochistan that military establishment is now backing death squad leaders to participate in elections and join the ranks of parliamentarians to carry out their crimes. The situation in Balochistan is totally different on what is being showed in the mainstream media. Death Squad leaders are mainly targeting and threatening political activist, human rights workers and media personnel of dire consequences if they report anything on their activities for elections i.e. coercing opposition contestant and their families, target killing relatives of political workers and in some cases to the extent of attacking people homes and killing them on spot. The recent deadly attack on Ali Jan Baloch Member of Central Committee BNM being one. 

The hope for a democratic and free Balochistan is highly unlikely in upcoming Balochistan where most of the political leadership is been replaced by military establishment blue eyed Nawabs, Sardars and Mullahs. It is also interesting to note that how print and electronic media is trying to distort the truth and prove that the establishment pawns are the actual political leadership of Balochistan taking part in what they deem will be a free and fair election in a region where travelling out of Quetta City has become nearly impossible owing to poor security situation and rule of Death Squads in the Province.

Expecting peace and voter outcome in upcoming election is highly unlikely in the current scenario where the matter of elections selection is left to Death Squads and their deadly terrorist squads. It’s no surprise the Chief Election Commissioner and Chief Justice of Pakistan along with other establishment allies have turned a blind eye to the miseries of people in Balochistan and the upcoming elections is not expected to bring any resort to ever growing miseries of the people. Expect more brutality, bloodshed and chaos in Balochistan elections.

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